every information that goes in / out of your organisation. Yes, everything.

PacketBlackHole (PBH) records and reveals everything that goes on in your network.  With most advance capabilities to RECORD the network traffic and cutting edge decoding techniques  to REVEAL even encrypted communication that goes on in and out of your network, PBH will be the ultimate solution for all your data leakage prevention endeavours.

  1. Advanced decoding capabilities RENDER THE ENCRPYTED communications(*1).Renders all the communications traffic including access to websites, SSL encrypted websites, E-mails and its attachments, webmail contents and the attachments, P2P software file transactions.
  2. High recording capabilities  – achieving ZERO PACKET LOSS (*2)
    in a 800Mbps through put using bridge capture structure

Surveillance system at its best.

  • PBH is the real-time internet monitoring and forensic system that captures decodes and reconstructs even those types of traffic which can not be rendered with other monitoring tools.   This is achieved by our recognized team of forensic specialists  who have many accreditations including “CISSP(*3) “ and CEH(*4).    The device is commonly used for organisation’s internet behavioural monitoring, auditing, record keeping, compliance, and forensic analysis & investigation in case of any security incident.  The powerful data-mining capabilities of PBH also allows a direct and intuitive access to required information, whilst its comprehensive reports capabilities will provide effective due diligence for many standards and acts like PCI DSS(*5) Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), or legislation including  FSA compliance Data protection acts and many others.

Know the unknown.

  • PacketBlackHole(PBH) is capable to decode, render and reconstruct various Internet applications and services such as Email (POP3, IMAP and SMTP), Webmail (Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail etc. including what is attached to each mail), Instant Messaging (Yahoo, MSN),  File Transfer (FTP), BBS and SNS sites dialogue, Telnet,  HTTP(Link, Content, Reconstruct, Upload and Download)  of which includes picture file and Video Streaming (flv /mpg4 ), VoIP recording (SIP). The list goest on.
  • The other common use of PBH is to monitor all user access and transactions to the core system and servers, such as any ERP & business applications which has relational database backbone ( Oracle, SQL etc. *6).
  • The software comes with wide variety of management and administrative functions and features. It provides you various types of report with Top-Down View. Reports that can be created include Total Throughput Statistical Report, Network Service Report ,Top searched keywords by users.  Top Websites accessed etc. All statistics can be displayed in per IP Address or per User Account basis.

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*1) Counter SSL Proxy (CSP) option required for this feature.
*2) Lab benchmark value. Performance may vary depending upon conditions and environments.
*3) CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker
*4) CISSP: Certified Information System Security Professional
*5) PCI DSS: Payment Card Industory Data Security Standard
*6) Please contact our sales team to check the supported version of Oracle / SQL.

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