Company Profile

Company name Newton Information Technology Ltd.

166 College Road, Harrow, Middlesex  HA1 1BH

TEL +44(0)20-8782-1920
Date of incorporation 1st February 1998
Capital £100,000 (Newton IT Holdings)
Director CEO and President, Kenshiro Morimoto
Director, Kenzo Kusakabe
Business description

■ IT infrastructure services
Implementation, consultation, design and development of servers, clients, storage, networks etc., IT infrastructure integration service, equipment procurement, IT infrastructure relocation and development to accompany office relocation

■ Application services
Consultation, design and development for the implementation of core systems; consultation, design, and development for individual applications

■ System integration
Planning, consultation, design and development of entire information system (IT infrastructure and application services)

■ Operation and maintenance services
IT infrastructure operation and maintenance support, application management outsourcing

■ Cloud
Support for cloud consultation, public and private cloud development

■ Risk management
Information security services, business continuity planning (BCP) and management (BCM) services

■ Overseas expansion support
Development of IT infrastructure, communication infrastructure (internet, telephone systems), and business systems

Group companies Newton IT Holdings Ltd.; Newton IT Solutions Ltd.; Newton Consulting Ltd.
Business partners

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation