Application development/implementation

We locally develop and operate custom applications to support your European operations.


These are developed locally to reflect the business requirements of your European bases.High quality, speedy implementation


When it comes to the detailed definition of requirements and development in both Japanese and English, clients without a European IT department need not worry.


We cover all processes, from development to operation, and also respond to requests from your head office


Considerations when developing and implementing applications in Europe

When clear business problems arise, there are methods to explain new rules to local staff and reorganise your business operations. However, by leveraging IT and introducing applications that implement the new management standards, you can achieve an even more effective reorganisation of your business.In such cases, it can be difficult for the Japanese IT system department to travel to Europe and work with local staff {MQ}in English in order to carry out projects.
Even when Japanese people work together in Japanese, requirement and specification errors can occur in application development.European views and approaches to work (work-life balance, working styles etc.) differ from those of Japanese people, and caution is required when managing projects.In addition, advanced communication skills and experience are required to meet with local users, define requirements, and finalise specifications while understanding the requirements and management level of Japanese businesses.
Caution is also required when introducing any Japanese business application into Europe, for the same reasons as above.Even if project teams from Japan understand the requirements of Japanese management, they may be unable to gain the trust of local users due to linguistic and cultural differences which prevent proper training or communication of requirements. As a result, the installed applications may not be operated smoothly.

Newton IT’s application development and implementation services

We have helped many companies operating in Europe to successfully develop or implement core business applications, from ordering and inventory management to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).In addition, workflow applications such as attendance/absence management, travel requests, and expense requests are packaged to ensure effective implementation.
Furthermore, we provide services that leverage the experience of specification discussions and consensus building involving members of national staff at various locations, based on proposals from senior management.In addition to post-implementation operational support for applications, we also provide continuous support in relation to functional improvements.

When introducing applications from Japan, we participate in the project on the local side while liaising with the Japanese project team to ensure smooth project completion with a high level of customer satisfaction.

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