Cookie Policy

How Cookies are used on this site

Cookies are used to provide optimal services suited for the site user.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on the user’s computer (or other device with an Internet connection such as a smartphone or tablet computer) when the user visits this site. Using cookies enables us to obtain information such as the number of visits made to the site from your computer, and the pages visited in the site. Information obtained through cookies contains no personal information that could be used to distinguish or identify individual visitors. Users can disable the cookie function in your browser’s settings. Disabling cookies will have no negative effect on the use of this site.


When we send mail to the user who agreed to receive a mail from us, the following data may be collected.

  • The status of e-mails, ie, whether they have been opened or previewed (using Web beacons)
  • Whether our site has been accessed via a link in an e-mail.

Web beacon

Minute pictures invisible to the naked eye that are embedded into webpages or e-mails and used to gather the following data.

  • Opening / previewing of e-mails, and access to websites using links in e-mails.

Purpose of Use

User experience improvement

Cookies are used to improve the site quality to provide contents that meets the user’s interests and concern.

Site usage analysis and quality improvement

Cookies are referenced for gaining understanding of the current state of how the contents and services offered at this site are being used. This enables us to improve quality of the contents and services suited to the interests and needs of the user.

Google Analytics, a service provided by Google LLC., is used in order to gain understanding the status of utilization of this site, and to improve the contents and services. The User Properties and Interest Category Report, a function of Google Analytics is also used to provide more suitable and appropriate content. Google Analytics uses cookies to gather information on browsing activity (hereafter “user information”) for this website.

User information gathered, recorded and/or analyzed using Google Analytics contains no information by which specific individuals can be identified or distinguished. This user information is managed in accordance with the Google LLC Privacy Policy.
Please visit and see the Google Analytics website for explanation of the Google Analytics Terms of Service and further information. Please also visit and see the Google LLC website for an explanation of the Google Privacy Policy.

Google Analytics can be disabled by downloading and installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on from the Google website, then change your browser settings.