February 1998 Kenzo Kusakabe (current Chairman of Newton IT Holdings), Adam Reading (current Director of Newton IT Holdings) and Jay Patel (current Managing Director of Newton IT Solutions) established Newton Information Technology Ltd, following the transfer of IT business from a UK subsidary of Chugai Boyeki Co., Ltd., presentley known as CBC Co., Ltd.
April 2000 Information security services launched
April 2002 Disaster recovery services launched
January 2003 BCP/BCM services launched
April 2005 J-SOX support and consulting service launched
June 2006 Newton IT Holdings Ltd. established, with Kenzo Kusakabe as chairman
Kazuya Soejima (current CEO of Newton Consulting Ltd.) becomes president
August 2007 Information security certification ISO27001 awarded by BSI
May 2008 BCP certification (BS25999) awarded by BSI
July 2008 Kenshiro Morimoto becomes president
October 2008 SaaS mail service launched
November 2008 Business alliance with SYSCOM GLOBAL SOLUTIONS INC.
April 2009 Full development service launched for SAP Business One, a solution for medium-sized companies from Germany’s SAP
February 2010 Application management outsourcing launched
IT infrastructure managed services launched
Participated in the SAP Extended Business Member Program
September 2011 Formed a business alliance with Information Development Co., Ltd. and strengthened areas such as data centre operations, 24/7 remote operation support, and offshore development
March 2012 Formed business alliance with Hitachi Systems and launched data linkage solution (HULFT) development service in Europe
May 2012 Concluded a European sales agency contract with NTT-IT and began European deployment of video conferencing solutions (MeetingPlaza) and VPN solutions (Magic Connect).
July 2014 Europe-wide IT infrastructure operational support service launched
April 2015 VPS development service using AWS and Rack Space launched
January 2017 GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU) compatible support service launched.
June 2018 Entered into a business alliance with ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation and have constructed a support framework for services aimed at Japanese companies operating in Europe, through Japanese-European cooperation.