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IT infrastructure integration

We offer proactive support for the design, development, operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure to enable the reliable use of IT at European sites based on technical and management experience.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an enterprise resource planning package that is ideal for small and medium-sized offices.A bilingual consultant with extensive European experience will guide you through system installation and operation.

Application development/implementation

We locally develop and operate custom applications to support your European operations.

Overseas business expansion support

Bi-lingual staff, who are well-versed in business and IT affairs in both Japan and Europe, can assist with your growth into overseas markets and with initiatives to improve IT at overseas bases.


We provide easy-to-understand support for the often complex area of information security measures, from explaining the current situation to formulating specific measures and training users.


Robotic Process Automation

Case Studies

(日本語) CBC (Europe) GmbH UK Branch様 – EDR導入

(日本語) CBC (Europe) GmbH UK Branch

(日本語) 社内サーバーのクラウド化事例紹介

(日本語) クラウド化(日系金融関連機関)

(日本語) Mitsui E&S Machinery Europe Limited – パッチ適用サービス

(日本語) Mitsui E&S Machinery Europe Limited

(日本語) JX Nippon Exploration and Production (U.K.) Limited – 基盤のクラウド移行

(日本語) JX Nippon Exploration and Production (U.K.) Limited (エネルギー)

(日本語) 全日本空輸株式会社 – システム導入支援

(日本語) 欧州IT運用統括支援(空運業)

NEW 導入事例紹介

(日本語) 欧州IT運用統括支援(旅行業)

Our strength


With our extensive track record and experience in Europe, we provide a broad range of IT services for Japanese companies operating in the region.

Since our establishment in 1998, we have offered and gained a wide range of experience in system integration as well as IT maintenance and management services for Japanese companies in Europe.
As ‘Total Value Creators’, our bilingual staff have in-depth knowledge of the Japanese-European business and IT landscape. We continually work to solve problems from the client’s perspective and boost the client’s corporate value.


We support companies planning to expand their business into Europe

From the research and planning phase to implementation and subsequent maintenance and management, we provide comprehensive services for companies expanding their business or entering the European market.
There are a wide range of IT-related tasks that need to be resolved when expanding a business overseas, such as the development of an IT infrastructure in tandem with the opening of offices, the selection and development of applications to support operations, and information security measures.
We also provide project management support to enable you to integrate multiple decisions within a planned timeframe.


We provide a one-stop service, from development and operational support to IT infrastructure, security and applications.

Like an in-house IT department, we provide integrated services, from application development to maintenance and management.
We can offer solutions that cover everything from choosing and developing your IT infrastructure to related information security measures even when implementing mission-critical systems.
We also provide a one-stop service to cater to a variety of needs, such as developing an IT environment during office relocation or renovating existing applications.


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