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ALog ConVerter

ALog ConVerter is an agentless product that records access to important data.By collecting log data from the server where important data is stored, effective log management can be achieved at low cost.
It is a security solution for companies that want to protect important business-related information while also taking employee privacy into account.It is possible to access important files and folders stored on the file server, check operation logs, create automatic reports, record user logons, and manage administrator operation logs and DB operation logs.

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Resource Athlete

Resource Athlete is an integrated server management tool that visualises and reports all information related to server resources, such as changing folder access rights and identifying unnecessary/large files.

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Data linkage


HULFT is an entirely Japanese file transfer tool with the biggest market share in Japan for 10 consecutive years and the fourth biggest market share worldwide.It uses file transfers to enable inter-system linkage between multiple platforms and vendors, for example mainframes coexisting within the client’s information system, UNIX, Linux and Windows.
Since being launched in 1993, it has continued to implement and develop the functions necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of data handled by IT systems and provide effective data linkage.The file transfer and data linkage capabilities and reputation for reliability it has developed over 21 years has earned it 8,000 customers (October 2014), including companies from a wide range of industries as well as government offices, in 40 countries around the world.

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DataSpider Logo

DataSpider is a tool that allows the company to store data and applications from different systems in a non- This is a collaboration tool that can be programmed to “connect without creating”. You can integrate data of different formats with non-programming, and export data to Excel and CSV formats. Conversion and output is possible. Integrating data formats makes it easy to aggregate and search across all the data in the system.

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Magic Connect is a remote access service that calls up and operates the desktop screen of a company PC on the user’s device.
Whether on the go, at home, or outside the country, you can use your PC, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet to get work done just like you’re in the office.

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