IT Integration Support in Europe

Client Profile

Major Japanese machinery manufacturer. 10 European bases. Consolidated sales of around 100 billion yen.

Service overview

Providing integrated IT support services for all European bases and assisting in a wide range of areas, from managing, operating and maintaining the European network, IT equipment (servers, PCs, printers, network equipment) and software, to optimising TCO.
Working closely with the European and Japanese IT departments, we planned and implemented measures to prevent and correct deficiencies by providing regular analysis and risk management.

Why they chose us

With the client’s IT infrastructure expanding along with the business, there was a need for new mechanisms to ensure effective operation and maintenance.
We were chosen because the client decided that our integrated IT support would enable them to achieve continuous improvement, by reducing incident resolution time, preventing failures, and facilitating information sharing.

Have our services benefited productivity?

  • Our service management system provides a clear picture of the problem-solving process and fault trends.
  • The number of faults decreased, allowing more time to be spent on improvement projects.
  • We provided and shared information including the configuration details and diagrams required to operate and maintain the IT infrastructure.
  • The client was able to visualise its European IT infrastructure, clarify the areas for improvement, and optimise investment costs
  • Outsourcing and technical capabilities made it possible to concentrate on planning, strategy and project management